Naturopathy Treatment in San Diego

Are you tired and frustrated with conventional medical treatment that dictates the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals to (hopefully) relieve symptoms of your particular illness? It seems as if the side effects are often almost worse than the ailment itself. There is an alternative management plan available for you in the form of naturopathy treatment in San Diego. If you would like to learn more about the natural healing tendencies of your own body, consult a naturopathic doctor. This medical professional is educated as a primary care physician with special training emphasis in use of herbal therapies, counseling, diet and nutrition, chiropractic manipulation and homeopathy.

Naturopathy Treatment in San Diego

Naturopathic remedies have been around and in use for centuries with proven effectiveness for relief of a wide variety of conditions that include migraine headaches, arthritis, weight management, allergies and chronic pain.

A naturopathic doctor promotes whole-body wellness by learning the cause of your illness and not just attempting to treat the symptoms. Through a series comprehensive diagnostic tests and personal interviews, a plan will be developed specifically for you that will encourage a health in all areas of your physical and emotional life.

Treatment options range from modifying your diet, boosting an individual exercise regimen, utilizing stress-reducing techniques, detoxification and using precise herbs, vitamins and minerals to permit your body to restore itself to its original function. Hydrotherapy, prolotherapy and acupuncture may also be included in your health management plan.

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