Why Prolotherapy And Not PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?


Why Prolotherapy And Not PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

When you find yourself dealing with pain from an injury that is starting to make it difficult to go about your daily activities, you need to start looking into all of your options. The common question is why choose prolotherapy and not PRP (platelet rich plasma) when it comes to a natural approach.

It goes without saying that both physical therapy and surgery can be expensive and you may not want to go through a lot of that additional stress in your life. However, you should know that there are a number of regenerative injection therapies that you can choose from that work to shorten your recovery time while also staying at a much lower price point than surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

This is an injection therapy that uses your own platelet-enriched blood to help boost healing naturally within the body. The plasma found in your blood has level amounts of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that are separated using a centrifuge. The platelets are then injected into the troubled area on your body to help with healing and restoration. In order to go through with PRP, you have to have your blood drawn and treated, which takes a bit longer for the overall process.


This is also another form of regenerative injection therapy using solutions to treat ligaments, tendons, and joints. This non-cortisone solution is injected at the pain or trauma site to cause a natural inflammation reaction, which helps to kickstart the body into healing mode. Overall, prolotherapy is quicker, more cost, effective, and a great way to foster natural healing within the body. The various conditions that can be treated include, but are not limited to fibromyalgia, neck pain, head pain, TMJ pain, arthritis, hip pain, foot pain, sports injuries, and more.

Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions can talk with you about your options for healing while using prolotherapy. This natural method for dealing with chronic pain has been a game-changer for many patients and you can enjoy the same injection therapy. All you have to do is come in for a consultation and examination to get started on the healing process.

If you are interested in learning more about the differences between prolotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma), call Holistic Solutions today at (619) 272-2133 to set up a time for a consultation.

The Benefits Of Working With The Best Prolotherapy Doctor In Orange County


Best Prolotherapy Doctor In Orange County

Whenever you are dealing with some sort of injury to your joints, it is always smart to look for the right options to foster healing. Finding the best prolotherapy doctor in Orange County will help you to get the pain relief and healing that you need so that you can enjoy your favorite activities.

Prolotherapy is a type of regenerative medicine that helps to heal a wide variety of serious injuries, including everything from joint pain to back pain. People can benefit from prolotherapy when dealing with conditions like a torn ligament, arthritis, a bulging disc, tendonitis or pain stemming from the knees, shoulder, lower back or neck. Whether you are an athlete or you have been in some kind of accident that left you injured, prolotherapy is a natural way of getting the relief that you deserve.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Finding the best prolotherapy doctor in Orange County will give you all of the insight you need on how this process works and all of the advantages that come with it. This treatment option uses PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma from your own body. The injections are targeted carefully at the joint or ligament sites where the injury is located to start a natural inflammatory response. This response helps to kickstart healing, which then results in stronger tissue in the area and faster pain relief free of medications.

When undergoing any sort of treatment for pain relief from your injuries, you need to work with a health professional that you trust. If you want to be sure that you are taking the natural approach, choosing Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will get you the best prolotherapy doctor in Orange County. As a trained naturopath, Dr. Dubroff can help you to get the overall healing and wellness that you need to feel your absolute best. This is customized treatment guaranteed to get you the results that you are looking for. Before you know it, you will be getting back to your favorite activities and enjoying movement that is pain-free.

If you are looking for the best prolotherapy doctor in Orange County, getting in touch with Holistic Solutions is the answer. Call Dr. Dubroff today at (949) 444-4884 for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Prolotherapy In San Diego?



Prolotherapy In San Diego

There is nothing worse than dealing with regular pain and discomfort due to some sort of injury to your joints. Instead of fighting through the pain or taking copious medications, you do have options with prolotherapy in San Diego. If you are interested in taking a new approach to address your discomfort, you may see that working with a professional naturopath is an excellent option.

Whenever you have damage to your joints because of an injury or disease, this can result in pain as well as loss of range of motion. Treatments generally vary depending on the level of the injury, however, some patients are always on the hunt for alternatives to traditional therapies. Whether you have been dealing with bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, strains or another condition, working with a professional to enjoy prolotherapy treatments may be the answer you have been looking for.

Why Prolotherapy In San Diego?

Prolotherapy is an alternative, safe treatment that can be used for joint pain. A natural solution is injected into the area of the joint that is damaged to help bring on an all-natural inflammatory response. What this does is kick start the body into healing mode, thus working to reinforce and strengthen the connective tissues in the region.

One area where prolotherapy is used quite often is the knee, which is where joint pain tends to be most common. This is the largest joint found in the human body and it is known for being prone to injury. Whether you have had a tear or strain on your ligaments or another issue, prolotherapy provides a safe, natural way to rapidly heal the problem.

When you make an appointment to see Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have an opportunity to learn all about prolotherapy in San Diego and what it can mean for you. With an initial consultation and medical evaluation, you can be on your way to promoting healing and living a life with pain-free joints.

If you are thinking of prolotherapy in San Diego, you can look to the help of Holistic Solutions. Call (619) 272-2133 today to set up a time to come in for an evaluation.

Get The Healing You Are Looking For With Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment In Mission Viejo

Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment In Mission Viejo

Dealing with a condition such as leaky gut syndrome will naturally bring about a variety of options as you research treatment. By working with a professional naturopath, you will have all of the help that you need for leaky gut syndrome treatment in Mission Viejo.

This is a condition that many people tend to deal with where some may have it and not even realize it. While it may seem as though this is a syndrome that is centered on the digestive system, there are a number of health conditions that can be related to the problem. It is important that you learn all about your potential digestive issues and any food allergies if you want to get the results that you are looking for.

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

When it comes to your digestive tract, think of it as being a net that has holes that filter out various substances going through. The lining of your gut is a type of barrier that will help to keep out larger particles that may be dangerous for your system. If you have developed leaky gut syndrome, you basically have damage to the digestive tract where larger holes have become a problem and elements are getting through that should not be. Some of these elements that make their way through include bad bacteria, food particles that have not been digested, and proteins such as gluten. There can also be toxins that leak from the interior of the intestinal wall and make their way into your bloodstream. If this happens, you could have a major immune reaction.

If you are dealing with leaky gut syndrome you may notice symptoms like:

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Joint pain
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Digestive issues
  • Food sensitivities
  • Weight gain and more

By working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff as your professional naturopath, you will have a variety of options for getting the treatment that you need. This treatment plan could include the removal of certain factors or foods that are damaging to your gut, adding in healing foods, trying certain supplements that your body needs, and creating balance with the help of probiotics. With some simple lifestyle changes and tweaking to your diet, you can be well on your way to feeling your best without digestive tract problems.

When you are in need of help with leaky gut syndrome treatment in Mission Viejo, call Holistic Solutions at (949) 444-4884 to set up a time for a consultation!

Get The Effective Menopause Treatment In Irvine That You Deserve

Get The Effective Menopause Treatment In Irvine That You Deserve

When a woman goes through menopause, she is at the point where menstruation and fertility are coming to a permanent end. There are some women that can go into the transition for menopause in the middle of their 30s while most will go into menopause when they reach their 40s or 50s. There can be a number of health conditions that can bring menopause on earlier, including ovary removal, cancer treatments, and a history of eating disorders. If you are going through this transition, you may be looking for your options in quality menopause treatment in Irvine so that you can get some relief from a lot of the symptoms that come with it.

Even though menopause is a completely natural process to go through, there can be some symptoms that become irritating and unbearable at times. This hormonal shift in the body can lead to major mood swings, having a tough time sleeping at night, and hot flashes that come on at any time of the day. It is only natural to want to look for relief of most or all of these symptoms as well as others, including:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Irregular periods that range from light to heavy
  • Decreased sex drive and dryness in the vaginal area
  • Weight gain, notably around the abdominal area
  • Dry skin or thinning hair
  • Changes in the breast size and shape
  • Frequent urination and more

When you work closely with a professional naturopath, you will have access to a world of natural treatments to give you long-lasting results for menopause treatment. A naturopath works on providing treatment based on the needs of the patient at the core of the problem instead of simply masking the symptoms. Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will be able to meet with you to go over your medical history and your needs before coming up with a detailed and custom plan for treatment.

One of the areas that can be touched upon when it comes to your menopause treatment in Irvine includes changes to your daily diet. There are certain foods that can help you to strike a balance in your hormones and help to alleviate symptoms, including healthy fats, organic vegetables and fruits, and foods that are high in fiber.

Holistic Solutions holds the answers you have been looking for when it comes to successfully treating menopause. In addition to dietary adjustments, you can work on lifestyle changes, proper supplementation, and a number of other trusted therapies to get the results that you need.

If you are looking for natural, safe menopause treatment in Irvine, you can count on Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions to help. Call (949)444-4884 for more information.

Work With A Naturopath For Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego

While it may be frustrating to deal with lowered testosterone, you still need to be sure that you are smart with the manner in which you go about raising these levels. There are too many trends out there and dangerous supplements that can do more harm than good. The great news is that there are natural options available when you work with a naturopath for low testosterone treatment in San Diego and the surrounding area.

Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego

During the aging process in men, it is natural to see testosterone levels declining naturally. There can be a number of reasons that lead to this decline, including lifestyle and genetics. By working with a professional naturopath, you will be able to gain some insight as to why your testosterone levels are where they are and what you can do to raise them in a safe and effective way.

When you have too little testosterone in your system it can leave you open to developing any number of chronic health issues. These issues can include accelerated aging, heart disease, diabetes, and lowered libido or erectile dysfunction. There can also be dangers of a plummet in testosterone because you can be subjected to the protection that this hormone is known for offering when it comes to a lot of the pain and symptoms of these listed conditions.

If you are having problems with low testosterone, you may notice things like:

  • Less strength
  • Low energy
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Lack of drive or ambition
  • Issues with sleep
  • Lowered libido
  • Loss of muscle
  • Issues with depression
  • Bad moor or irritability

Working with Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will bring you all of the guidance that you need to boost your testosterone levels with a variety of treatments. In addition to making a variety of lifestyle changes, there could be a variety of supplements that you will benefit from. It is all about finding a good balance that comes from customized treatments and a tailored plan for boosting testosterone naturally.

Not only is diet, lifestyle, and supplementation good for low testosterone treatment, you need to think about things like the types of food that you are eating and all of the other contributing factors to mood and well-being. Avoiding toxins, exercising, and paying attention to the suggestions of your naturopath are all ways that you can get the low testosterone treatment in San Diego that you need.

When you work with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have access to safe, effective low testosterone treatment in San Diego. Call (619) 272-2133 for more information.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Vitamin B12 Injections In Oceanside

There can be a number of reasons why someone may want to find out more about vitamin B12 injections in Oceanside and how they can get them. The fact of the matter is that a deficiency in vitamin B12 can be dangerous, which means that these injections could be crucial for some patients. The more that you learn about vitamin B12 therapy and all that it can do for you, the better you will be able to plan for boosting your health and overall wellness.

It goes without saying that the human body has to have vitamin B12. This is a vitamin that is important for making DNA, nerves, red blood cells, and a number of other functions in the body like immune support, energy, and nerve and brain health. On average, adults should be getting about 2.4 micrograms of B12 each day. You can get it from various foods like egg yolks, milk, shellfish, and meat products. However, vitamin B12 can be depleted by smoking, stress, alcohol, and various illnesses.

Because some people are not getting the right levels of B12 in their diet, it is important to supplement properly. Injection therapy with B12 can treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Nerve health
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Nervous system issues
  • Mental clarity
  • Weakness
  • Depression and more

Believe it or not, many of the cases of vitamin B12 deficiency are due to some type of malabsorption. Injection therapy using vitamin B12 will help you to get the right levels of this important vitamin in your body so that you can keep your health in check. These injections, when administered under the guidance of a professional naturopath, will help you to make sure that you are also getting pure B12 with the right amount of active ingredient. The injections are given directly into the muscle and you can work on setting up a schedule for regular, long-term therapy that will help you to keep a steady flow of this beneficial vitamin in your body.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff has been working with many patients just like you who are looking to make sure that they have enough vitamin B12 in their daily life. All you have to do is set up a time for a consultation and you can begin on your path to wellness with vitamin B12 injection therapy.

By calling Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions at (619) 272-2133, you will have the ability to learn all about vitamin B12 injections in Oceanside and all of the advantages.

Improve Hair, Nails & Skin With Sermorelin In OC – San Diego

Improve Hair, Nails & Skin With Sermorelin In OC – San Diego

With all of the different supplements and injection protocols available today, it may be difficult to determine which one is best for you and your needs. By working closely with a professional naturopath, you will have the ability to get amazing results as you improve hair, nails & skin with Sermorelin in OC – San Diego.

Sermorelin Benefits

Also known as Sermorelin acetate, this is a substance that helps to stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the human brain. By stimulating this production in a safe and natural manner with Sermorelin injection therapy, you have the ability to enjoy all of the benefits that come with a boost of HGH in your system.

When you are younger, you have plenty of HGH in your system to assist with regular function and growth as well as vitality, energy, and more. However, as you age, you will find that the HGH in your system will naturally decrease. As this happens, you will start to notice a breakdown in your stamina, vitality, and your health.

Sermorelin therapy includes daily injections that will trigger the natural production of human growth hormone. This is a completely safe option for anyone who has become HGH deficient and your individual needs will be taking into consideration when it comes to dosing. Some of the many benefits that come from using Sermorelin will include:

  • Healthier hair, nails, and skin
  • More endurance, vitality, and strength
  • An increase in the lean muscle mass of your body
  • Better heart function
  • Higher quality sleep patterns
  • Stronger bones with calcium retention
  • A boost in the immune system, and more!

Sermorelin For Your Hair, Skin & Nails

If you have noticed that your skin is less supple and your nails seem to be brittle, the chances are good that you have had a notable drop in HGH production. By working closely with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will not only have the ability to improve the health of your skin and nails but you will also see an improvement in the strength and health of your hair. This is a treatment protocol that will offer you a wide range of benefits and help you to look and feel your best all while keeping things natural and safe. It is all a matter of getting started with a consultation to see if the Sermorelin injection therapy is right for you!

When you are looking to improve hair, nails & skin with Sermorelin in OC – San Diego, contact Holistic Solutions to learn more. Set up an initial consultation by calling (619) 272-2133.

Set Up Your Own Nutrition And Lifestyle Consultation In Mission Beach

Nutrition And Lifestyle Consultation In Mission Beach

When you look at the bigger picture, there is a whole lot that goes into living a healthy lifestyle. This is something that includes a healthy body, mind, and soul, so you need to have a goal in mind as well as a clear path to getting what you want. Working with a professional naturopath will give you the nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Mission Beach that you need to move forward toward the ultimate goal of incredible health and wellness.

For anyone who has a weight goal in mind, it is not all that unnatural to have difficulty when figuring out where you should start. By the same token, you may have another problem such as digestive issues that are holding you back from daily activities. When you embark on your journey, you will see that this initial consultation with a naturopath will give you a wealth of insight as to your nutritional and lifestyle concerns. This is the beginning piece of the puzzle for analyzing your snacking and meal patterns, the types of foods that you are eating, and any of the intolerances that you may have. You may also have to go over your surgical and medical history as well as any of the medications and supplements that you take on a regular basis.

Naturopathy For Customized Wellness Planning

When you take the initial step toward your optimum wellness with a nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Mission Beach, this will bring you a full summary that will help your naturopath to put together a goal-oriented and personalized plan for action. The major goal will be optimizing your health and you can think of this as the blueprint to get you where you want to be.

Any of the changes in your behaviors, thoughts, lifestyle, and nutrition can work leaps and bounds to improving your health and also cutting back on your risk for the development of any sort of chronic disease.

Why Holistic Solutions?

Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions has been working with countless patients just like you to bring about healthy goals and strong details to get their lifestyles back on track. These consultations act as an analysis of what you have been doing to determine what works and what should be changed. With a simple phone call to set up your first appointment, you will be well on your way to learning more about your patterns and what you can do to be your best self.

Each patient at Holistic Solutions has the ability to enjoy personalized plans for wellness that may include dietary and lifestyle changes, advice on supplementation, and hands-on healing therapies that will make you feel your best.

If you are looking to be your best self, you can call Holistic Solutions today at (619) 272-2133 to set up an appointment for a nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Mission Beach.

A Better, Safer Choice Than Arimidex and Anastrabol When Blocking Estrogen

Sermorelin in La Jolla

When it comes to hormone therapy, it is only natural that you would want to be able to do your research so that you have the right options available to block estrogen. With so many studies showing that Sermorelin is not only a better and safer option than Anastrabol and Arimidex, you will see that the more you educate yourself on Sermorelin in La Jolla, the better.

What Is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a type of synthetic substance that works to encourage growth hormone production naturally from the pituitary gland. These hormones that come from the pituitary gland are known for being crucial for both the growth development in kids. HGH, or human growth hormone, is something that has been often used as a type of supplement for the lack of the natural hormone for grown in kids as well as adults that are diagnosed as having growth hormone deficiency. Looking further at Sermorelin, this is similar in nature by the way that it works to stimulate this natural hormone production from the patient’s pituitary gland. If you are interested in Sermorelin, you will need to get a prescription from a healthcare professional.

Hormone Balancing

If you are a patient that is in need of an estrogen blocker, it is important that you understand that there can be many side effects and symptoms that come with the use of Anastrabol and Arimidex as well as other options. When it comes to the diagnosis and prescription for any patient, it is important that the patient’s unique needs are taken into consideration. Your health professional will look at all of the tests that you have had and talk with you about your goals to help come up with a customized treatment program while using much safer doses of Sermorelin for hormone balancing.

Benefits Of Sermorelin

There are a number of benefits that come with Sermorelin in addition to your hormone balancing needs. Just a sampling of what you can expect includes:

Muscle Strength – Helps to improve both muscle strength and mass

Bone Mineral Density – The increase the Sermorelin offers for HGH can help to lower the risks for osteoporosis while also helping to improve bone density

Body Composition – Correcting hormone levels using Sermorelin will help to improve muscle mass while cutting down on fat

Heart Health – Individuals that have certain hormone deficiencies can be at greater risk of heart complications such as a heart attack

Balancing hormone levels in the body can be a tricky area, especially with all of the options available. While working closely with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have all of the answers that you have been looking for along with the guidance necessary to make great decisions on your hormone health and balance. You are welcome to come in for a full consultation and testing to determine your exact needs and to come up with an individualized hormone balancing treatment plan.

If you are interested in learning more about Sermorelin in La Jolla, contact Holistic Solutions today by calling (619)272-2133. Dr. Dubroff will be happy to help!