Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Mission Viejo

Any physician or podiatrist will tell you that an ankle sprain can be something that is not only tricky to diagnose, but also to treat properly. Ankle instability is something that may not show up right after the first sprain and there could be a noticeable amount of pain and instability down the road. This is where you can get some quality natural treatment with Dr. Joseph Dubroff using prolotherapy for ankle pain in Mission Viejo at Holistic Solutions.

Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Mission Viejo

The most common form of a sprain in the ankle is known as an inversion injury, or when the patient turns their ankle inward. This motion can be quick, causing an injury or tear to the ligaments along the lateral portion of the ankle. The inside of the human ankle is kept together by the deltoid ligament. Once there is a sprain, it could take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months to heal fully.

Prolotherapy is something that is used to inject a natural and sterile irritant into the injured ankle. This injection causes an irritation that then leads the body to begin the healing process and new cells are regenerated. On average, pain levels will be dropped quite a bit right after treatment and subsequent treatments are used to help strengthen the ankle joint even further.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff is known for his caring and natural approach to healing so that each patient is able to enjoy a fully customizable treatment plan. When you are interested in prolotherapy for ankle pain, you are going to see that Holistic Solutions is going to be the answer you are looking for.

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