Prolotherapy for Shoulder Injuries

A deltoid injury can be particularly difficult for anyone to deal with, especially when pain impedes comfortable movement of the arm as a whole. Fortunately for those who are searching for a safe and natural alternative pain treatment to surgery and over the counter medication, there is prolotherapy for shoulder injuries.

While many are led to believe that a deltoid injury can only be repaired through surgery, they would actually be wrong. In fact, we have many clients who are convinced that the only pain remedy is surgery, but they find themselves pleasantly surprised that they can live pain free after a prolotherapy treatment.

Prolotherapy treatment is a simple, non-invasive needle procedure that works to help revive the connective tissues of the body that have been damaged by wear and tear, and injuries alike.

Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain

The goal, unlike steroid injections, is not to provide a temporary relief of pain that lasts only a few weeks, but to provide long-term strengthening of the areas of the body that are damaged and to promote the body’s natural ability to heal. Dr. Dubroff offers a comprehensive personal tailored program. Treatment begins with a thorough, complex and informative history, physical and Diagnostic recommendations.  This allows us to create the needed strategy to a successful resolutions of your complaints.

At Holistic Solutions, Dr. Dubroff works with clients who have had deltoid pain for a number of different reasons and utilized prolotherapy sessions to help these individuals improve their mobility, reduce pain and gain their range of motion back. He has seen the power of this simple therapy session firsthand, and the number of clients that it has helped long-term!

Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to learn about how safe prolotherapy for shoulder injuries truly is, and how it can help to reduce your pain! Also, keep in mind that prolotherapy sessions are available for those who are suffering from all types of pain across their body as well.

“I am currently undergoing Prolo Therapy with Dr. Dubroff for my shoulder.

With the orthopedic surgeon, I have had two steroid injections, both under ultrasonic guidance.  And in conjunction with the injections, two rounds of physical therapy.  I found limited success.  The doctor suggested that I try another injection.

That’s when I started looking for alternative treatments.  A friend gave me Dr. Dubroff’s contact info. (she’s had great pain relief, quite a success).   Dr. Dubroff returned my call and spoke with me directly regarding treatment.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the treatments!  I have had a significant increase in range of motion and the pain has been greatly reduced!  Dr. Dubroff is great!  He is spot on with all of the injections!  Not a wasted movement!  What a find!”

-Lisa M

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