Prolotherapy for Headaches

Natural headache relief in San Diego and Orange CountyIt may be difficult for the average individual in our society to believe that more than 4% of the population suffers from a headache virtually every day. This creates a severe economic impact due to loss of productivity both at home and in the workplace. Whether a tension, cluster or migraine headache, the severe muscle contraction effects are debilitating and most people live in fear of the next occurrence. Prolotherapy natural headache relief in San Diego and Orange County, can be achieved by contacting Holistic Solutions.

It is often hard to find safe and effective relief for a headache that does not involve repeat doses of both over-the-counter and prescription medications. They also often have unpleasant side effects. Sometimes temporary respite may be achieved by avoiding certain foods that trigger headaches, making ergonomic changes and attempting stress relieving yoga and meditation practices.

There is a natural, effective and permanent alternative for headache liberation by utilizing prolotherapy for headaches that is available at Holistic Solutions. This alternative to traditional medicine involves a series of several injections directly into the tendons, ligaments and cartilage in the head and neck area to provide optimum pain relief.

The injection solution consists of a measured dose of lidocaine, dextrose and sterile water that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to restore normal function and strengthen weak tissues.

Before attempting to begin a regimen of prolotherapy for headaches, the clinicians at Holistic Solutions will conduct a thorough personal and individualized evaluation of your lifestyle and diet and complete comprehensive diagnostic testing to determine the source of your headaches and the most appropriate method for treatment.

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Get the headache relief you want and deserve in a naturopathic way today.