Prolotherapy For Neck Pain In Irvine

No matter what happened to cause neck pain, it is going to be crucial that you have a way of getting the healing and pain relief that you need. Working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you have a chance at natural prolotherapy for neck pain in Irvine to give you a better outlook on healing.

Prolotherapy For Neck Pain In Irvine

Once you meet with Dr. Dubroff, he will listen closely to the symptoms that you are experiencing and offer a comprehensive diagnosis after a full examination and medical history. In addition to injection therapy, there could even be a number of other homeopathic healing measures that can be taken to give you some great results for your neck pain issues.

Prolotherapy is a way of promoting long-term relief for your neck pain, with some patients noticing that their chronic pain issues will be resolved within a few injection appointments. This is a way of stimulating the body’s natural ability to repair itself so that you can be free of the hold that pain relievers and prescriptions would have through traditional medicine.

The injections are done right in the office and only natural solutions are used to cause the necessary irritation and inflammation that jump starts healing and the regeneration of cells. Some patients note that they feel better within a week of the first injection appointment, with others saying that it only takes a few visits to feel like themselves again.

No matter what the cause of your neck pain may be, Dr. Joseph Dubroff will be happy to formulate a fully customized treatment plan for natural healing to include the introduction of injection therapy.

If you are looking for prolotherapy for neck pain in Irvine, call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to set up your initial consultation.