Prolotherapy for Neck Pain

For those individuals who suffer from persistent, debilitating neck pain, getting through the day without pain medication is often very difficult. For most, the thought of surgery, although risky, may sound like the only answer to their struggle. However, relying on consistent pain medication is not an ideal method of treatment that most of us would choose to utilize. And, invasive surgery may not be an option you want to consider. Those searching for a naturopathic means of pain relief could certainly benefit from prolotherapy for neck pain.

Prolotherapy works by targeting the pain and tension that is carried in the ligaments, cartilage and tendons of the body.

This procedure utilizes a safe and medically proven system of needles to help ligaments, cartilage and tendons throughout the body perform at their peak, which not only improves range of motion, but eliminates pain in the process.

prolotherapy naturopathic treatment for neck pain in San Diego and Orange County

Those individuals who have had injuries, suffered strains or simply are feeling pain throughout their ankles, elbows, knees or sacroiliac joint have all benefited from regular prolotherapy treatment sessions with our dedicated and trained physician.

Many individuals found themselves pain-free without having to consider an invasive surgical procedure that is accompanied by a long and drawn out recovery period. With these affordable sessions, which are performed as needed in the office, Holistic Solutions has begun to change the lives of those who had previously been living with pain.

Stop taking consistent pain medication and forget about having surgery! Prolotherapy for neck pain is one of the many homeopathic treatment options offered by Holistic Solutions. Contact our San Diego office by calling (866) 296-2305 to schedule your appointment and start getting relief for your neck pain once and for all.

“Joseph Dubroff is a super friendly, knowledgable professional whose expertise with prolotherapy has helped my girlfriend get back on her feet, literally. This is a great treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal issues. Thanks Joseph!” —Jeff Delierre

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