Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain & Injuries

prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain & injuries in San Diego and Orange CountyDeltoid injuries, or those in the shoulder area, can provide ongoing discomfort and limited movement whether you are completely still or initiating routine daily activities. Rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocation, osteoarthritis, joint instability and frozen shoulder and other problems can all cause significant pain. Most shoulder damage usually occurs from either a hard fall or direct impact, as from playing football or being in an automobile accident. If these issues do not properly heal, they can lead to chronic pain. Holistic Solutions provides prolotherapy for shoulder pain & injuries in San Diego and Orange County, and can help reduce pain being experienced quickly and effectively.

Traditional medicine frequently dictates the repeated use of anti-inflammatory medication, rest, physical therapy and even invasive surgery to initiate pain relief. There is an alternative, however, that has proven very successful at an affordable cost and with no harmful side effects.

Prolotherapy for deltoid injuries involves specifically targeted injections of lidocaine, saline and sterile water straight into the affected area to stimulate the body’s natural ability to repair the damaged tissues using our innate inflammatory response to reduce or completely eliminate pain and increase mobility and range of motion.

Holistic Solutions is pleased to offer prolotherapy for deltoid injuries. Come in for a personal consultation to discuss the source of your injury and your specific options for treatment. Our professional clinicians will conduct a thorough battery of diagnostic testing and lifestyle assessment to complete your evaluation.

Using the information we obtain will help us determine if this unique and safe therapy will work for you.

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Allow Dr. Dubroff to provide a natural way for healing and pain relief with prolotherapy for deltoid injuries. You will see long-term positive results that will improve your everyday life.