Prolotherapy In Escondido

Prolotherapy In EscondidoThere can be a number of conditions that may be treated successfully using prolotherapy in Escondido. This therapy involves the injection of some form of irritant solution, which is usually a sugar substance known as dextrose. The injection is administered to the region of the tendons, ligaments and joints that are impacted by pain in some way. The treatment that you can experience through Holistic Solutions may include about 15 to 20 shots over a period of several months to get the desired result. In some cases, a patient may have to come back for follow up injections as needed.

Maybe you have chronic pain in your back or you are dealing with swelling and discomfort stemming from arthritis in your joints. You could also be an athlete that has undergone some sort of injury that has left you with a great deal of pain in one or more of your joints. If so, you could be a perfect candidate for prolotherapy to help give you some natural relief.

What the prolotherapy injections do is infuse an irritant into the affected area, which then causes the body to kick into high gear to grow new tissue and help to heal the region where the shot took place. There are a number of patients today who have been able to work closely with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions to bring about healing and eliminate a lot of their pain and discomfort without having to turn to surgery or the use of heavy prescription pain medications.

Working with Holistic Solutions, you can find the healing that you need through prolotherapy in Escondido. Call (866) 296-2305 to set up a consultation and get started on a path for feeling your best.