Prolotherapy In La Mesa

Prolotherapy In La MesaProlotherapy in La Mesa through Holistic Solutions involves an injection of a safe irritant solution into the affected area of the body to help promote the growth of healthy cells, organs and tissues. There are a number of hospitals and offices that are performing prolotherapy today and the patients are showing tremendous results. If you or someone that you love is developing issues and pain in their joints, back or any other area of the body, prolotherapy could be a perfect solution.

Often used for chronic back pain, prolotherapy treatment involves a series of injections over time with the amount depending upon the level of pain that the patient is experiencing and their individual case. Most cases will include a series of injections that will be two to three week intervals over three to six months to completion. Some patients will need to come back to Holistic Solutions from time to time for regular injections as maintenance.

While there is usually little or no discomfort after prolotherapy injections, there are some patients that may experience a bit of swelling and redness at the injection site. It may be suggested that you use topical measures, such as ice, to bring the swelling and discomfort down. It may also be recommended that you cut back on strenuous exercise until the redness at the area has gone down.

Working with Holistic Solutions, you can find the healing that you need through prolotherapy in La Mesa. Call (866) 296-2305 to set up a consultation with Dr. Dubroff and get your treatment started as soon as possible. With the proper healing measures and a good bit of natural options to choose from, you can develop a custom plan for optimum health and well being.