Prolotherapy Treatment In San Diego & Orange County

Back and joint pain can be quite debilitating. Surgery may have been recommended, but perhaps you don’t feel ready for that route yet. Before you decide, make an appointment to talk with Dr. Dubroff here at Holistic Solutions. Through natural approaches, you will have therapy options that have proven to be an alternative to surgical options. For example, with beneficial prolotherapy treatment in San Diego & Orange County, patients have regained their lifestyle once again.

You can be active and do so without pain. Discover what prolotherapy is and why it may be a great route for you to investigate:

What is Prolotherapy?

This is an injection given in our office that will send medication to the affected area. It has been proven as a conservative care approach to dealing with spine pain or joint problems. This is different from cortisone as it does not increase the degeneration of disks, cause the cartilage to break down, or worsen the pain. It is also more affordable than surgical methods and allows you to continue living without long downtime.

Goals Of Prolotherapy

While your main goal is to be out of pain, there are many benefits to this procedure. For starters, the function you have in daily life can be drastically improved. Moving without pain is a huge benefit of this treatment. For so long, many of our patients have thought the pain was part of daily life. That’s not the case! It also helps to reduce stiffness in the joints and movements as well.

If you are ready to live without pain and surgery, then give Holistic Solutions a call today at (866) 296-2305. Dr. Dubroff can discuss if our prolotherapy treatment in San Diego & Orange County may be right for you with a free consultation.