Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Chula Vista

Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Chula VistaDid you know that prolotherapy for ankle pain in Chula Vista is a concept that has actually been around for hundreds of years? When you make an appointment to see Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you are going to find that this injection therapy to introduce irritants to the injured ankle is a great way to foster healing and to get the process of tissue regeneration started.

Once you injure your ankle, there can end up being quite a bit of instability for a while, even after you feel as though you are completely healed. Over time, there can be subsequent ankle injuries that can then lead to chronic pain, stiffness and swelling that will make it difficult to enjoy regular activities. Prolotherapy treatments will help to build up the strength in the ankle and help the body to create new cells to foster tissue growth.

While meeting with Dr. Joseph Dubroff, you will have a chance to go over all of the pain that you are experiencing and discuss your medical history. After a full examination, you will then be able to set up a schedule for prolotherapy so that you can begin down a path for healing. Some patients may notice a great deal of relief in the ankle area after the very first treatment, however it is going to be necessary to make subsequent appointments to keep the regenerative process going.

Holistic Solutions offers the healing that you need through prolotherapy for ankle pain in Chula Vista. Call (866) 296-2305 to set up your consultation. You deserve to have the best possible homeopathic treatment so that you can break free from the hold of traditional medicine.