Prolotherapy for Ankle Pain

Prolotherapy for Ankle Pain in San Diego

Anyone who has ankle pain certainly knows that even the slightest pain can cause problems walking and standing. For many of us, staying off our feet entirely isn’t an option. Before considering any type of invasive surgical procedure, we at Holistic Solutions aim to provide our clients with a holistic pain management option – prolotherapy for ankle pain!

Akle pain can be generated from a number of different sources, including an injury or repeated stress to the area. Those who suffer from this type of pain may believe that pain medication or surgery are the only options to help improve their condition, but prolotherapy is quickly proving them wrong.

In fact, many are finding that after just a few treatment sessions with Dr. Dubroff their pain has disappeared entirely and surgery or pain medication are thoughts of the past.

How is this possible? Steroidal injections are used to help stimulate and regenerate the connective tissues of the body so that the ligaments and tendons within the ankle (and other joints in the body) are restored and revitalized. This restoration helps to ease the pain that one might feel throughout the ankle during the day, and will last months longer than any pain medication one could take. It is a safe, natural and lasting way to help get back to standing, walking and running like normal!

If you are searching for a natural and safe means to overcome your ankle pain, then perhaps prolotherapy for ankle pain is the answer. Contact our office at (866) 296-2305 to learn more about prolotherapy treatment and how it can help you to overcome your ankle pain.

“Joseph Dubroff is a super friendly, knowledgable professional whose expertise with prolotherapy has helped my girlfriend get back on her feet, literally. This is a great treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal issues. Thanks Joseph!” —Jeff Delierre

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