PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Therapy In Escondido

When treating pain, tendons, or ligaments, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy in Escondido may be the answer you’re looking for. Various naturopathic and orthopedic professionals in the medical industry are utilizing this therapy program. Dr. Dubroff, here at Holistic Solutions, is here to help determine if this approach may be right for you.

Are You A Candidate?

Many different ailments can benefit from PRP therapy. For starters, if you’ve torn your rotator cuff or have an injury to your hamstring or quad, this might be one of the best healing therapy approaches for your situation. Others that benefit from this less invasive approach include issues with their Achilles tendon, DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, degeneration, or inflammation due to age or inflammation in your elbow.

What is PRP?

This therapy program uses your own blood to create platelet-rich plasma to inject into the problem areas. This type of therapy offers you a fast approach to healing that can sometimes negate the need for surgical intervention. The platelets in the plasma help to introduce growth factor proteins and induce the growth of healthy cells to replace the injured ones.

There are many benefits to choosing this type of therapy for your body. From avoiding surgery to helping with hair loss and preventing wrinkles, PRP may help you more than you know. Consider this approach if you’re dealing with a sports injury, age-related inflammation, or injury, or if you’re dealing with a surgical issue, you want to try other approaches first.

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