PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Therapy In Orange County

If you’re dealing with soft tissue or joint pain, it’s time to contact Dr. Dubroff here at Holistic Solutions. The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy in Orange County provided here may be just what you need to get back to living life normally. Whether it’s due to age-related degeneration or inflammation in your elbow, this therapy program is shown to help get you back up and running in no time.

Many naturopathic and orthopedic pros are utilizing this method to help patients from all walks of life deal with pain in their rotator cuff, joints, and other areas. Learn more about this process below or call the office today to schedule your examination appointment.

PRP Process

This therapy option includes drawing blood from the client, crafting it into the platelet-rich plasma, and then injecting it into the client’s trouble spots. Because this is created from your own blood, it is a less invasive and more holistic approach to dealing with pain in joints and tissues.

Dr. Dubroff will perform an examination on you to determine the root cause of the problems you’re facing. The process is an in-office procedure that does not require long downtimes, such as if you had surgery. You can be back up and living life normally in no time.

Those who benefit from this procedure include those living with rotator cuff injuries, injuries to the patellar joint or tendon, inflammation in the elbows, and strains to the quad or hamstring areas.

If you’re ready to see if PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy in Orange County might be right, call Dr. Dubroff at (866) 296-2305. You can get on the road to recovery and wellness in no time.