San Diego ALCAT Food Allergy Blood Testing

Suffering from unknown food intolerances is frustrating, as you aren’t able to enjoy your favorite meals. Not knowing what specific foods are causing digestive or other issues can even be frightening, and you might even find yourself approaching every meal with hesitation. If you live in San Diego, ALCAT Food Allergy Blood Testing through our practice at Holistic Solutions might be able to help you, though. After just a short visit to our office, we might be able to tell you precisely what is causing your symptoms.

San Diego ALCAT Food Allergy Blood Testing

The Symptoms of Food Intolerances

Unlike food allergies, which may restrict airways or send a person into anaphylactic shock, food symptoms rarely pose life-threatening reactions. Nevertheless, they can significantly interfere with your quality of life. Food intolerances may cause:

  • digestive pains
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • ADHD
  • joint pain (including arthritis)
  • eczema

Food Intolerances are Common

Food intolerances, unfortunately, are common in much of the population. As much as 70 percent of people suffer from one or more intolerances, making them extremely common yet often ill-treated.

Holistic Solutions Can Help

At our office in San Diego ALCAT Food Allergy Blood Testing only takes a few minutes but could benefit you for a lifetime. Once we have a blood sample, we’re able to run it through the ALCAT, a test that has been helping identify potential intolerances for more than 20 years. The results will help us identify foods your body might not handle well, and one of our staff members at Holistic Solutions will work with you to develop a strategy for handling any intolerances we find. If you’d like to start enjoying your meals without hesitation, give us a call at (866) 296-2305.