San Diego Residents Could Benefit From Prolotherapy Treatment

San Diego Residents Could Benefit From Prolotherapy Treatment

Chronic pain in the joints can create quite a medical challenge. Some acute and chronic issues may call for invasive surgery. However, non-surgical solutions are now showing more promise. If you want to have safe, effective joint pain treatment or to address wear and tear of the ligaments, you may want to see about scheduling prolotherapy treatment in San Diego with Holistic Solutions.

Your Visit With Holistic Solutions

Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions stays on top of the latest developments in pain relief and naturopathic therapies. What this means for you are the best procedures to match your health and wellness goals. It is crucial you get the help you need to get relief and begin living your life again with the range of motion you used to have.

These are just a few things you should know about prolotherapy:

  1. Non-Surgical Treatment – When you get prolotherapy injections, you treat all of the associated connective tissues without the need for surgical intervention. No incisions, no dealing with recovery time, and faster potential results. With prolotherapy, you can support crucial joint function in your shoulders, hips, knees, and more. The only side effect some patients report is temporary swelling that takes place around the injection site.
  2. Natural Healing – This process involves injecting a solution that creates controlled, intentional irritation to the tissues. It helps kickstart your natural regenerative and healing capabilities so the body is encouraged to heal itself rather than relying on medications or invasive procedures to address joint pain.
  3. Strengthening – After you have prolotherapy treatment, the ligaments and tendons supporting the joints grow stronger and thicker. This means pressure gets reduced and helps improve joint function. Most patients report less pain symptoms, more strength, and increased range of motion.

Prolotherapy is very promising as a reliable treatment for many instances of chronic joint pain, ligament damage, and tendon issues. You could have to get several injections in order to fully treat a weak area or injury, but you will have a targeted plan that fits your unique needs.

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