Talk With Us About Lyme Disease IV Treatment & Therapy In Carlsbad

Talk With Us About Lyme Disease IV Treatment & Therapy In Carlsbad

You may have many unanswered questions if you or someone in your life has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. To heal and feel your best, your body needs medicine that will travel through your bloodstream to battle the bacteria introduced into your system. For many people, getting a boost with Lyme disease IV treatment and therapy in Carlsbad is a great way to enhance healing and wellness.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Some patients with Lyme disease may be able to detect it with a variety of early-onset symptoms, including:

  • Expanding, round skin lesions with redness that usually measure more than 2-inches in size
  • A rash that lingers for longer than a few days, often accompanied by tell-tale flu-like symptoms
  • Some symptoms that can mimic a summer flu with achiness, fever, severe neck or head aching, and extreme fatigue

When working with your regular physician, you may be given a round of antibiotics to work against the infection. Most patients dealing with Lyme disease will start to recover gradually over time. However, nutritional therapy given intravenously has shown to be tremendously beneficial for boosting the recovery process. In many patients, the right combination of traditional and naturopathic therapies with IV treatment can help to relieve symptoms much sooner.

Why Choose IV  Supplementation?

Even though there are nutritional supplements that a patient can take orally, they will not be quite as effective as an IV drip. The IV is great for sending beneficial nutrients right into the bloodstream so that they can bypass the digestive tract.

Do you want to know more about IV treatment for Lyme and the other options available at Holistic Solutions? The time is now to take charge of your health and wellness! Holistic Solutions offers Lyme disease IV treatment and therapy in Carlsbad. Contact Dr. Dubroff by dialing (866) 296-2305 for a consultation.