Talk With Us About Peptides BPC 157 In Newport Beach

Talk With Us About Peptides BPC 157 In Newport Beach

Peptides are growing in popularity in the sports world, medical field, and more. These are extremely short proteins made up of a few amino acids in length, turning into potent agents with significant effectiveness with little to no side effects. If you are interested in Peptides BPC 157 in Newport Beach, Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions can go over the details with you!

What is BPC 157?

BPC 157 is a type of peptide that occurs naturally within the stomach’s gastric juices. Peptides are short proteins – BPC 157 only measures in at 15 amino acids long.

You may hear of these peptides referred to as synthetic, which implies they are not natural. However, in the case of BPC 157, they are derived from longer proteins and cleaved off to create shorter peptides.

BPC 157 is essential for BPC activity. BPC is short for Body Protection Compound, which lends some insight into its potential and abilities. BPC 157 can remain stable in the stomach’s gastric juices, which would otherwise degrade most proteins. As a cytoprotective compound, on a molecular level, it interacts with and also modulates other proteins as well as their pathways.

Using BPC 157

If you are experiencing soft tissue injuries, BPC 157 might be an excellent treatment option. Studies have shown that people dealing with Achilles tendon injuries and the like can heal significantly faster when taking these peptides.  With such dramatic effects on muscles for healing, this is a natural, effective way to get relief and begin the road to recovery – all while lessening the need for prescription medications or invasive therapies.

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