Thyroid Issues & Treatments in Mission Beach

 thyroid issues & treatments in Mission BeachThere are millions of Americans who suffer from thyroid issues and many who have given up on traditional medications for treatment. The fact is that in many cases, thyroid issues & treatments in Mission Beach are not effective for one reason or another. This has resulted in a number of patients seeking an alternative natural treatment options which are safe and effective. A good place to start when seeking a natural solution for this problem is with your diet.

When eating, it is important to consider the food that is consumed as the medicine, which means eliminating all types of processed junk foods and sugar, as well as gluten. Some other tips that may assist a thyroid issue are highlighted here.

Consider eating a sea vegetable twice weekly. Sea vegetables are excellent sources of iodine, which support the thyroid, much like the thyroid hormone. Implementing this into a diet can be as easy as adding kombu to soup or beans while they are cooking; sprinkling granules of kelp over salads or hot meals like salt; or making a wrap with nori.

It is also important that butter is not shunned. In fact, the endocrine system really enjoys butter. Even when eliminating other types of dairy from the diet, such as cheese and milk, keeping a source of grass-fed butter can be beneficial.

Another helpful tip is to slow down when eating. The thyroid gland is found in the area of the throat, which means that it is actually connecting a person’s body and mind. If a meal is rushed through, the food is moving so quickly from the mouth to the stomach the connection of mind and body will not be very strong. The key is to sit down and slow down, breathe, savor and then chew the food. Eating slowly is good for the thyroid since it is responsible for metabolism.

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