Treating Your Thyroid Near La Jolla Could Help With Weight Loss

Treating Your Thyroid Near La Jolla Could Help With Weight Loss

Many people are struggling with weight loss, but some might have an underlying thyroid issue they are unaware of. If you have been wondering if naturopathic thyroid treatment near La Jolla is a good way for you to get a handle on your weight loss goals, Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions is here to help.

Know the Symptoms

If you are dealing with hyperthyroidism, you may have problems with anxiety, rapid heart rate, insomnia, diarrhea, and more. With hypothyroidism, there could be a broad range of symptoms as well, including weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and brain fog.

Treatment for a thyroid concern will depend on the lab results, symptoms, and other endocrine issues. When working with a trusted naturopath, you will have an evaluation of the total picture to address the cause of the imbalance rather than treating the symptoms. It is all about getting a customized approach to healing for the best results.

Dietary Changes

You may be surprised at how a few slight changes in your diet can work wonders for your thyroid condition and weight loss. By eating non-processed, fresh foods, you can have a major impact on your well-being overall. You can choose high-quality lean proteins, boost your fiber intake, and eat healthy fats while limiting added sugars and simple carbohydrates. It is also recommended to drink more water, as many people are dehydrated daily and never realize it.

Other lifestyle changes that can be made for thyroid and weight loss include sleeping well and exercising regularly. If you feel as though you have been doing everything right and still not getting results, never give up. Dr. Dubroff can review your medical history and form a tailored plan to get you on the right track for thyroid treatment and beginning to lose weight safely.

Do you want to know more about thyroid treatment that could help with weight loss near La Jolla? Call Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305.