Vitamin B12 injections in San Diego

Vitamin B12 injections in San DiegoLooking to lose weight? Need something to increase metabolism, and stimulate blood flow? Vitamin B12 injections in San Diego may be what is needed to help in regards to weight loss, and help with overall health and well being.

What is B12?

B12 also known as cobalamin, is a vitamin, which is water-soluble, and helps in regards to the functioning of the nervous system, and the brain. This can help with weight loss, as it assists with metabolism, but also can help the patient to relax since it will help the body stay hydrated.

Vitamin B12 helps with the metabolism of all the cells, and affects the DNA in regards to the synthesis, and regulation; also affecting both fatty acid, and amino acid in regards to metabolism. The vitamin does not come from any plants, or animals; and is produced through a process known as bacterial fermentation-synthesis.

The amount of B12 that people should take will vary, though it can be taken either through injections, but also orally.

The amount to be used would be in accordance with one’s recommended dietary allowance (RDA) and should always be determined by a medical professional in advance through a consultation process and testing.

Holistic Solutions in San Diego has the facilities, and professionals to consult with to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin B12 and who can also administer injections.

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