Comprehensive Injections For Energy, Weight Loss, Metabolic Disorder & Immune Support – Vitamin B12 Injections

B12 Shots Orange County & San Diego, CAVitamin B12 is a great energy booster and an effective way to strengthen the immune system.  This vitamin stimulates the body’s utilization of carbohydrates, proteins and fats within the body. It is know an “energy vitamin” and is utilized by many people suffering from low energy levels. B12 has also been shown to be a great natural appetite suppressant and is frequently used in conjunction with many other weight loss programs.

B12 is most effective when injected directly into a person’s bloodstream so that the body can instantly retain the entire vitamin and begin to use it.  It can be taken orally via tablet form, however, the vitamin takes much longer to be digested and absorbed into the body.  The effect is the loss of some of this wonderful vitamin’s potency. The benefits of taking B12 shot include:

  • Improvement with various sleep disorders
  • Certain allergies
  • Immune system boost
  • Cognitive function improvement
  • Memory improvement
  • Metabolism boost
  • Accelerated weight loss benefits
  • Increase in mood and well-being
  • Decrease of depression in some cases
  • Increased energy

The results of taking B12 shots may vary. Research has not show any adverse side effects or safety issues with taking B12 vitamins shots as long as it is administered under the care of a qualified doctor or physician.

Holistic Solutions offers B12 shots in Orange County and San Diego. Call (866) 296-2305 in Orange County, or (866) 296-2305 to learn more or to schedule a hassle free consultation.

“5 stars for Dr Dubroff at Holistic Solutions!  I had been struggling with weight loss and decided to look into the HCG diet/injections.  I contacted Dr Dubroff via telephone and he was professional, friendly able to answer all my questions and concerns and I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and easily that would work with my busy schedule.  After a careful and thorough review of my health history and recent lab work to insure I would be an appropriate candidate for the HCG program, we made a plan for hcg injections.  Dr Dubroff provided a full explanation of how the injections work, meal plans and dietary requirements and made sure I understood everything before leaving his office and provided me with lots of information on meal suggestions, nutrition and other suggestions/information to address a few other areas of concern I had mentioned while reviewing my health history, such as migraines and seasonal allergies. (He is a holistic/naturapathic doctor as well and can help with other issues.) I had weekly follow-ups and he was readily available for questions and answers via email and telephone whenever needed, even on weekends! I chose to do the 40-day HCG program and was able to quickly and easily lose 25 lbs! I was very satisfied with his services and recommended him to my friends (who also went to see Dr Dubroff and lost 20 lbs!). Three months later I am still on track and have been able to maintain my weight loss and continue to follow the healthy eating plan (lifestyle change, really!) thanks to  Dr Dubroff.”

—Jill M.