What You Need To Know About Prolotherapy For Knee Pain In San Diego

What You Need To Know About Prolotherapy For Knee Pain In San Diego

Nobody wants to deal with knee pain but there can be times when treatment is necessary for an injury or irritation that you have encountered. The knee is a major joint in the human body so it can be wide open for traumatic injuries as well as inflammatory and mechanical disorders. The good news is that you do have options for treatment, including prolotherapy for knee pain in San Diego.

For both children and adults, injuries to the knee that often result in chronic pain and discomfort will be strains and tears to the ligaments. Whether you have been involved in an accident or you have suffered trauma from an athletic injury, you want to be able to get the relief that you need to go about your regular daily activities. Some patients may hear a diagnosis that involves surgical intervention and you may be prescribed medications. If you are trying to get away from that route of action, you do have options in the form of prolotherapy injections.

Prolotherapy, sometimes referred to as regenerative injection therapy or proliferation, is a form of treatment what works by decreasing inflammation in the troubled knee. The course of treatment involves the injection of an irritant into the damaged joint that triggers a natural inflammatory response. This response then boosts blood flow and stimulates brand-new growth and the healing process necessary to nurture the damaged tissue. The most common irritant that is used for prolotherapy is dextrose but there are some practitioners that will use substances like lidocaine, glycerine or phenol.

One of the main reasons why patients are turning to prolotherapy is to get the relief and healing they need without having to go through surgery. The prolotherapy protocol involves very low risk and the patients are less likely to suffer from adverse effects. While pain and irritation is natural right after the injections, this will start to go away as the healing progresses.

When you want to take the natural approach to achieve the relief you deserve, you can look to Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions. By setting up a consultation, you will have an examination followed by a plan for treatment using prolotherapy to quell your knee pain.

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