Will Prolotherapy Help With SI Joint Discomfort And Healing?

Will Prolotherapy Help With SI Joint Discomfort And Healing?

The pain associated with Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can be highly challenging. Also referred to as SI joint pain, it causes discomfort in the lower back and upper leg areas. Holistic Solutions in Mission Viejo offers prolotherapy and other naturopathic healing measures if you are looking for treatment options and ways to heal naturally.

About the Sacroiliac Joint

Also referred to as the SI joint, this body portion connects the lower spine and pelvis. It works to carry upper body weight, bridging it to the lower area of the body. Each person has a pair of these joints at the bottom of the spine by the sacrum, tailbone, hips, and pelvis.

Note: You can think of the SI joint as a shock absorber when you are doing weight-bearing activities, so it helps to relieve lower lumbar strain.

Dealing with Sacroiliitis

If you have sacroiliitis, the condition involves inflammation of the SI joint. The pain could be dull and sometimes sharp, starting in the hips and moving into other areas like the thighs, buttocks, groin, or upper back. Some patients also have worsening pain after sitting for an extended period, often experiencing stiffness in the lower spine and hips.

Prolotherapy (PRP) Can Help

Patients can get noticeable results by setting up a series of prolotherapy treatments. PRP works to introduce an irritant to the affected area as a way to trigger the natural healing response of the body. You can usually use your body’s own platelets and growth elements as injections, or there is often the option of a synthetic solution that generates a similar result.

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