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Naturopathic Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease In Mission Viejo

Parkinson's Disease in Mission Viejo

You should never feel as though you have to remain a slave to heavy prescription medications or invasive procedures as a way to treat Parkinson’s Disease in Mission Viejo. When you work closely with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have a wide range of naturopathic therapies at your disposal to help you live a life that is happy, healthy, and free of many of the symptoms that have been holding you back.

Parkinson’s is a condition, or degenerative illness of the body’s nervous system, resulting in impaired motor function and the loss of intentional movements. The symptoms that patients will often experience impact the natural, smooth movements of their body. It can often make it difficult to take on certain everyday tasks like eating, swallowing, walking and sleeping.

Due to the nature of Parkinson’s Disease, it is not all that uncommon for patients to feel a series of mood changes and depression while dealing with the symptoms that they experience. While there is no specific cause that can be pinpointed, there has been research showing that chemical exposure and inflammation of the brain can be factors leading to the diagnosis.

While there are a number of medications available made to boost dopamine levels, there have also been studies showing that Parkinson’s symptoms stop responding to them over time. This is why it is always a good idea to have additional measures that can be used to slow down the symptom progression, which is where naturopathy can be very beneficial.

By working with Holistic Solutions, you will have a whole new world of therapies at your disposal. Some of the more common natural therapies include proper exercise and taking part in an anti-inflammatory diet, both of which have shown incredible results.

Some of the best foods to add to your diet for battling the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease include:

  • High fiber foods to cut down on constipation and to improve upon bowel function.
  • Raw foods like fruits and vegetables, as they reduce damage from free radicals, introduce quality antioxidants, and cut back on inflammation.
  • Healthy fats like avocado, sprouted nuts, wild caught fish, and seeds such as flax and walnut can bring about healthy neurological health and boost mood.
  • Green tea will help fight free radicals by introducing polyphenol antioxidants into the body.
  • Fresh vegetable juices are wonderful for offering essential vitamins and minerals while also keeping the body properly hydrated.
  • Cold pressed oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, or palm oil on salads or your favorite vegetables will give you essential vitamin E, which is a lovely antioxidant.

In addition to diet and exercise, Dr. Dubroff will be able to suggest a number of hands on healing therapies for treatment. There are also a few different supplements that can be added to your routine to offer incredible benefits. Such supplementation may include vitamins C, D and E, fish oil and Coenzyme Q10.

If you or someone you love is dealing with Parkinson’s Disease in Mission Viejo, you have natural treatment options. Call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305.

Help With Fibromyalgia In Irvine

fibromyalgia in Irvine

There are many people who start to notice certain aches and pains that seem to just come out of nowhere. Whenever this happens, you should know that there could be an underlying cause in the form of fibromyalgia. Instead of turning to some of the more traditional ways of treatment with conventional therapies, there are ways that you can treat fibromyalgia in Irvine with the help of naturopathy.

What you may not know is that fibromyalgia is a condition that actually impacts thousands of people ranging in age from 20 to 50. This is a kind of chronic inflammatory disorder that often presents itself in the form of fatigue, joint pain and muscle pain. For the most part, these are some of the common symptoms that a patient with fibromyalgia will experience:

  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Unbearable pain
  • Sleep disorder problems
  • Depression
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Concentration problems

Generally, a physician will diagnose someone as having fibromyalgia if they present with positive reactions to at least 11 of the 18 known areas of the body to be tender for a patient with the condition.

Unfortunately, this is a chronic disease that has no known cause, with many new people being diagnosed each day. If you want to be able to find a more natural form of treatment over the use of conventional drugs, working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will help.

Just a few of the naturopathic options that you may have for help and healing powers for fibromyalgia include:

Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition – Inflammation is known to bring about a range of health issues, to include joint and muscle pain. Studies have shown that taking in quality antioxidants and inflammatory nutrients that are found in tomato, broccoli, green teas and red onions, can help to cut back on inflammation a great deal to help with fibromyalgia pain.

Going Gluten-Free – More and more people today are proving to be gluten intolerant. Gluten is a kind of protein that you will find in grains, such as wheat. By cutting back on grains and food items containing gluten, you can enjoy a number of benefits such as having more energy, weight loss, and cutting back on muscle pain and inflammation.

Hands On Healing – There are many patients that are able to benefit a great deal from hands on healing therapies, including massage, acupressure and chiropractic care. Some patients may have problems with spinal misalignments and issues with posture that can be addressed easily with a chiropractic adjustment, while other hands on methods can be wonderful for relaxing the muscles, cutting back on tension in the body, which can in-turn help with joint pain, inflammation and aching.

No matter what your symptoms may be, you can work closely with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions to get you the help and healing that you need for a fibromyalgia diagnosis. No longer do you have to feel as though you are a slave to conventional methods and prescription medicine.

If you or someone that you love is dealing with fibromyalgia in Irvine, contact Holistic Solutions today at 949)444-4884 for natural treatment options.

Alzheimer’s In La Mesa

Alzheimer's in La MesaThe diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be a devastating one for any family. You have a potentially long road in front of you, which could be one that is riddled with a variety of conventional treatments. However, if you are looking for more natural options, you do have ways of treatment that are not going to be all about medications and traditional therapies. There are countless ways that you can bring together naturopathy and conventional methods to help treat Alzheimer’s in La Mesa to get quality results.

The traditional treatments for Alzheimer’s disease will treat all of the cognitive symptoms of the disease, including confusion, memory loss and the various problems with judgment and language. What these drugs do is target the beta-amyloids, or protein fragments, that are building up like plaque on the cells in the brain. Such buildup can lead to the damage that results in Alzheimer’s.

Basically speaking, physicians tend to prescribe drugs that are based upon the stage of the disease that the patient may be in. Even though the drugs are not able to stop the brain cell deterioration, or cure Alzheimer’s, they have the ability to delay the progress of the disease for a bit.

However, when you look at some of he alternative, naturopathic therapies for Alzheimer’s in La Mesa, there are countless options that are able to not only lower the risk of the disease, but also reverse the symptoms.

Dietary Changes

There have been direct links between a toxic amino acid that is called homocysteine and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This is an amino acid that tends to be present in people who have a high level of animal proteins in their diet. In order to reduce this, a diet that is filled with green, leafy vegetables, fruits an a goo amount of B vitamins and folic acid.


Research has shown that regular exercise is able to cut back the risk of Alzheimer’s development by around 50%. When you are engaged in moderate exercise, such as swimming, cycling, walking or aerobics for about 30 minutes several days of the week, there can be tremendous amounts of improvement of memory function.


There are strong links between working the mind and lowering your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. By simply challenging your mind and building up intellectual activity, you will be able to build rich neural connections that will work as insurance against future brain loss.

While working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will be able to find a balance that will give your mind and body everything that it needs to break free from conventional medicine so that you can enjoy all that naturopathy has to offer. When you blend together these elements, supplementation, and hands on healing therapies, you will find that there are a number of ways that you can enjoy long term results for Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

If you or someone that you love is dealing with Alzheimer’s in La Mesa, you have naturopathic treatment options. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305.

Hormone Treatment In Oceanside

hormone treatment in Oceanside

The unfortunate truth about the world today is that many people are too willing to throw medications at any health concern that they are faced with. If you are someone who is more about the all natural approach to health and healing, you will see that hormone treatment in Oceanside with the help of Holistic Solutions is the best answer.

Working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff, you will be able to find out more about what may be causing your hormonal unbalance instead of simply treating all of the symptoms. Because there can be so many different symptoms involved with hormonal issues, it is best that you are able to pinpoint exactly what is the cause so that you can treat your body as a whole to foster optimum health and wellness.

These are some of the top symptoms that you could be experiencing when you have some sort of a shift in your hormone levels:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • PCOS
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • PMS
  • Hot flashes
  • Lowered libido
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Andropause issues, which is the men’s version of menopause

Working to create a balance of your hormones may include different homeopathic tactics, herbal supplementation, nutritional changes, dietary planning, bio-identical hormones, lifestyle changes and so much more.

Dr. Dubroff will be happy to sit down with you during your initial consultation to learn all about the different symptoms that you are experience and how you are feeling. From there, you will go through a medical history before learning about the different options that you have for natural healing measures.

A major key to working on your hormone treatment will be to balancing your adrenals, as they have a major impact on all of the other hormones and your neurotransmitters. There can also be times where your adrenals will be the first to become stressed if you are faced with a long list of challenges in life, such as relationships, finances, family, work and much more.

What Are The Alternatives To Hormone Replacement?

There can be a good combination of both medications and bio-identical hormones to get results for women who are having disruptions in their lives due to PMS and menopausal symptoms. For the most part, patients are able to get amazing results by simply changing up the way that they live and eat each day. Believe it or not, foods like cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, cabbage and bok choy are all known cruciferous vegetables. These are food items that are high in I3C, or indole-3-carbinol. This substance is metabolized in your body to help produce DIM, or diindolylmethane. Together, these substances are able to magically modulate estrogen and are known to have wonderful anti-cancer effects.

Holistic Solutions has the answers that you are looking for when it comes to hormone treatment in Oceanside. Call (866) 296-2305 to learn about your options! You have the ability to take control of your hormones and get the results that you are looking for simply by making some all natural decisions to your lifestyle and diet with the help of Dr. Joseph Dubroff.