Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic ManipulationOsteopathic Manipulative Treatments are a set of physical modalities geared to help the body heal itself. The tradition comes from Osteopathic physicians, D.O.

Osteopathic techniques work with the integration of the nervous and muscular systems. OST are all gentle therapies that require no moving of bones.

Instead they involve the diagnosis and correction of neuromuscular imbalances.  The process is basically a matter of re-educating the body as to its neuromuscular settings

The power of these therapies are that they are gentle and effective for neuromuscular imbalances and can be responsible for all sorts of chronic pain complaints. Osteopathic Soft Tissue therapies used include: Strain Counter Strain, Muscle energy Technique, Pain Neutralization and Cranial Sacral Therapy.
Some level of naturopathic manipulation and joint mobilization might be involved in your OST therapy as well.

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“I came to Joe for my chronic back pain. I had been taking megadoses of Ibuprofin, and nothing was working. When I left the treatment, I was free of pain. I as well felt this enormous joy that started on the drive home. By the time I got home, I was exhilarated and couldn’t remember a time I ever felt so happy. It’s been over a year now, and my chronic back pain still hasn’t reoccurred.”
—Marsha Gentle