Alzheimers Treatment in Mission Viejo

The disease known as Alzheimers is responsible for up to 60 to 70 percent of cases of dementia in the elderly, posing symptoms such as memory loss, disturbances, confusion, disorder, aggressive changes in behavior, depression, and lack of self-care. Dealing with Alzheimers disease is not only tough on the patient, but tough for loved ones as well. This includes caregivers, and also family and friends. Using natural and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Durboff from Holistic Solutions is committed to seeing his patients and families feel better, with Alzheimers treatment in Mission Viejo.

Alzheimers Treatment in Mission Viego

After years studying Alazheimers disease, Dr. Durboff recommends a diet that is high in protein in fiber, but lacking in fats, refined sugar, and cholesterol. For the Alzheimers patient, Dr. Durboff suggests cutting out fatty meat, and foods high in sugar and cholesterol. With a healthier diet, a patient’s body reacts, and begins to adjust and feel better. The doctor is able to give more expertly tailored advice to patients and caregivers during a private consultation.

Unfortunately, scientists do not really know what causes Alzheimers, though some feel it is a breakdown of fibers that destroy nerve cells. On the same token, there is also no known cure for Alzheimers, but the good news is that symptoms can be arrested. With the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine, patients struggling with Alzheimers can be more comfortable and content, while their caregivers and loved ones can live a little more stress and worry-free.

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