Depression and Anxiety

anxiety treatment in Orange County and San DiegoThe number of doctor visits today in the United States for depression and anxiety far surpass any other malady. There are effective treatments, however, that do not involve mind-altering medications with unpleasant and long-lasting side-effects. Holistic Solutions offers naturopathic depression and anxiety treatment in Orange County and San Diego which promote your body’s natural healing tendencies and can restore you to a productive and contented member of society.

After completing a methodical evaluation and laboratory testing of all of your body systems, Dr. Dubroff can provide solutions for your sadness or nervous propensities that do not rely on traditional methods often prescribed by conventional physicians. We will offer dietary recommendations that include protein, fruits and vegetables and reduction of sweets to boost your mind’s natural healing abilities.

We also encourage regular social interaction in a range of approaches to reduce your focus on yourself and supply effectual herbal supplements that assist your body in dealing with stress and support restorative sleep. A habitual routine of exercise and meditation and sleep strategies will allow your body and mind to relax.

Contact Holistic Solutions for natural depression and anxiety treatment in Orange County and San Diego. In San Diego and Carlsbad, call (866) 296-2305 or in Newport Beach and Mission Viejo, call (866) 296-2305. We look forward to helping your mind and body work together to heal and allow you to live a life of enjoyment and happiness.

“I had thought of pursuing a constitutional remedy for years. I am so happy I finally did! The clarity and healing I have received on my life-long issues is literally unbelievable. My family and co-workers have even noticed the changes in me. If you are ready to move beyond issues that have been holding you back, working with Dr. Joe is the most advantageous way to go. He is practically obsessive about getting the perfect remedy, the one that will change your life!”
—Christina V.