Diabetes Treatment in San Diego

diabetes treatment in San DiegoDiabetes is caused by a blood sugar instability and usually caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD); however, it can also be prevented with the SAD. There is a genetic factor that contributes to the development of diabetes; however, it is a disease that is not found in countries where people eat properly. One effective type of diabetes treatment in San Diego is to avoid the SAD.

Anyone suffering from diabetes should keep regular visits with their conventional endocrinologist; however, nutrition and diet help from Dr. Dubroff of Holistic Solutions can also be beneficial.

There are a number of different botanicals and nutrients that can be utilizes for the treatment of diabetes. This is not a treatment that will provide overnight results; however, over time, can reduce the reliance on conventional medications for regulation of diabetes.

The fact is that modern and industrialized societies, like the one in America, eat diets that are not healthy, including foods that: are high in hydrogenated and saturated fat; low in fiber; high numbers of processed foods; insufficient complex carbohydrates; and low in foods that are plant based. Countries that are non-industrialized have very low numbers when it comes to cases of diabetes.

Naturopathic doctors, such as Dr. Dubroff, has been trained unlike any other for the diagnosis, management and the treatment of diabetes. For anyone suffering from this disease, scheduling an appointment will help to reduce its effects, allowing them to live a normalized life.

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