Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Treatment In Mission Viejo

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or you are looking for options when it comes to thyroid treatment, it is going to be in your best interest to try to go the all natural route. When working with Dr. Joe Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have the ability to learn about some of the best natural hypothyroidism & thyroid treatment in Mission Viejo and the surrounding area.

Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Treatment In Mission Viejo

Have you ever tried to cut gluten or A1 casein out of your diet? This is actually a common food intolerance that a lot of people can come across when they are consuming a lot of dairy and wheat products. Going gluten free and cutting back on your consumption of dairy, unless it is from goat, sheep or A2 cows, can be a good way to see if this is the root of your problem.

Have you had your iodine levels checked? If you end up having low iodine, it can wreak all sorts of havoc on your thyroid gland. While working with Holistic Solutions, you could find that your iodine is low and you can use a supplement in the form of liquid organic iodine or kelp to help give you what you need.

Have you been taking in a lot of carbohydrates? There has been a lot of research that points to excessive carbs as being a culprit for a lot of thyroid issues. You can work on lowering your intake of grans and sugars while replacing them with healthy fats such as coconut milk, wild salmon, flax seed, chia or avocado.

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