Integrated Medicine At Holistic Solutions

Integrated Medicine At Holistic Solutions

It goes without saying that the face of healthcare is constantly growing and changing, which unfortunately makes it harder and harder to find patient-centered care. There are more and more people each day that are looking to find viable natural alternatives to the traditional healthcare model that we have all grown accustomed to. Enter the face of integrated medicine, which is focused more on the human being as a whole.

With integrated medicine, you will have a treatment path that takes a look past mere flesh, organs, and bones to treat the patient while considering spirit, mind, and body. This is an approach that has become a more logical and desirable option to the alternative of medications and invasive therapies.


Understanding Integrated Medicine

Integrated, or integrative, medicine is based upon fostering overall health and wellness, which is a direct opposition to the older model of disease, where symptoms are managed instead of finding the cause of the illness. It is evidence-based, complementary applications of both conventional medicine and alternative therapies to support the patient as a whole, building a strong relationship between patient and provider. The goal is to take the best of what conventional medicine has to bring to the table while also bringing in other therapies and healing systems that come from naturopathy, homeopathy, and other alternatives to conventional medicine. This might mean combining the healing powers of a healthy diet and exercise program with prescription medications where necessary. Keeping in mind the principle of “first do no harm”, natural routes to healing will be given priority, and certain aspects of conventional medicine may be brought in if it is the best path for the patient and their individual needs.

Integrated medicine is a wonderful option for people that are looking for personalized, custom care that is tailored to their needs. When you are able to work with a professional that understands the best that all realms of treatment have to offer, you can be well on your way to achieving optimum health and wellness. If you or someone that you know is considering integrated medicine for alternative therapy, it is always best to look for a qualified practitioner. In many cases, your doctor will be happy to help you while working with a professional naturopath to get you set up with all of the best complementary therapies to help you look and feel your absolute best.

If you are interested in integrated medicine, contact Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions by calling (866) 296-2305 for more information. You will have an opportunity to discuss your health needs and goals during an initial consultation before embarking on a journey that may include hands on healing therapies, mindfulness, supplementation, and dietary and lifestyle changes.