Menstrual Irregularity Treatment

If you are a woman dealing with menstrual irregularity, there could be a number of symptoms that you are dealing with. You may be experiencing sudden bleeding that can go on for more than a week, or you may even be missing your periods for a month or longer. The fact of the matter is that there can be a number of reasons why such irregularities are happening and you need to be able to get quality menstrual irregularity treatment once you notice that it is happening.

Menstrual Irregularity Treatment In San Diego


Issues with your menstrual cycle are something that you should never let go on for too long without getting treatment. There could be something going on inside that you need to have addressed or there could be certain stress factors that are causing your body to fall out of line with your normal scheduling. Instead of medications and other conventional methods for treating such an issue, you have options with Holistic Solutions and Dr. Joe Dubroff.

Whenever the body prepares for major changes, it is normal to go through stronger pre-menstrual symptoms and irregular bleeding patterns. We can work with you to put together a naturopathic treatment schedule that will help you to get your body back in balance so that you can enjoy life once again. From changes in diet to massage or acupuncture, you do have natural options for better menstrual health.

Once you know that you want to take the natural approach to menstrual irregularity treatment, all you have to do is give us a call at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305. We will be happy to set you up with an initial consultation to talk with you about your options for reproductive system health and balance through natural healing.

“Dr. Dubroff has been wonderful in helping me overcome a serious issue in my life. Not to long ago, I was suffering from Heavy Bleeding in which I had to be hospitalized several times in one month. I met with Dr. Dubroff and we spoke about holistic solutions. I wasn’t so sure if he could help but I was willing to try anything vs. bleed to death. Dr. Dubroff did a case study on a Sunday afternoon over the phone and prescribed “Sabina” I started taking it, but was hospitalized the same day for heavy bleeding, my hemoglobin had dropped to 6.8. I thank Dr. Dubroff for stepping in when he did because after two days of taking Sabina, I started to notice a decrease in blood flow and less clotting. After the first week, the blood disappeared, there was no more blood flow. It’s been almost a month now and I have not suffered from heavy bleeding since. I think he saved my life, in fact I know he did. The conventional Dr’s wanted to take out my lady parts, and I’m just not ready for that yet. Dr. Dubroff offered an alternative and it worked, I am truly grateful to him.”

-Dana Smith