Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Orange County

Ankle sprains can be very common and they happen when either one or more of the ligaments in the ankle end up stretched or torn. This can occur when the ankle turns out suddenly and whenever this takes place it can cause a great deal of pain. There are several types of ankle sprains, each of which are separated by severity level. If you or someone that you know is dealing with ankle issues yet you do not want to take prescriptions or go the route of traditional medicine, you do have options with prolotherapy for ankle pain in Orange County.

Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain In Orange County

It is always going to be best that you make sure that you get plenty of rest within the first few days after prolotherapy for your ankle pain to bring down any of the pain and swelling that can arise. Dr. Dubroff may suggest that you get plenty of rest, use ice on the area, compression to help with support and swelling and elevation to keep the inflammation down.

Prolotherapy is a type of regenerative injection therapy that helps to stimulate overall natural healing in patients who have an ankle injury or instability. This type of therapy can help to give a boost in  the healing process and even help to make sure that a patient is going to have less of a chance of recurring injuries and pain in the area.

This is a therapy using injections to help with a wide variety of ankle issues, including strains or sprains, achilles tendon ruptures, achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, achilles tendon ruptures, ankle arthritis, plantar fasciitis and more.

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