Prolotherapy For Deltoid Injuries In Oceanside

Prolotherapy For Deltoid Injuries In OceansideThe human shoulder is a piece of the puzzle that makes up a portion of the body where a series of joints work together in unison to offer a great range of motion. Whenever there is any sort of injury, or even a series of injuries to this region, it can cause the patient a great deal of pain. If you are going through stiffness, discomfort or chronic pain in your shoulder, you may want to talk with a professional about prolotherapy for deltoid injuries in Oceanside so that you can start to get some noticeable relief.

Along with chronic pain, the patient will usually start to shy away from using the shoulder, which can eventually lead to the loss of function altogether. Instead of letting this happen or having to go through any sort of surgical procedure, prolotherapy has proven to be extremely effective.

Have you ever heard of prolotherapy or injection therapy? This is where a natural solution, often a sugar solution, is injected into the joint as a way of initiating irritation. This irritation and inflammation is the body’s way of naturally trying to heal the injured area. Through the inflammation and healing, there with be a regeneration of cells and tissues that can help to strengthen the joint and make it easier for the patient to have their normal range of motion back.

If you are looking for prolotherapy for deltoid injuries in Oceanside, call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to set up your initial consultation. When you are ready to start in on a path for natural therapies and healing, you are going to find that working with Dr. Joseph Dubroff on a customized treatment plan will be extremely beneficial.