Prolotherapy For Neck Pain In Oceanside

There are many people who are looking for alternate methods for treating neck pain in the form of prolotherapy. At Holistic Solutions, prolotherapy for neck pain in Oceanside is a great way for you to be able to get some much needed relief from the discomfort and stiffness that you may be experiencing without having to turn to prescriptions or over the counter pain relievers.

Prolotherapy For Neck Pain In Oceanside

With injection therapy under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Dubroff, you have the ability to enjoy long-term or even permanent pain relief. This is a process that works to stimulate the natural ability that the body has to repair and heal. Through the regeneration of tissues, you will be able to enjoy a good deal of healing so that you can enjoy all of the activities that you like to take part in every day.

Not only is neck pain something that can be treated easily with prolotherapy, but many patients that have joint issues and headaches are able to get the same incredible relief. Some patients note that they are able to experience pain relief in as little as one to two appointments.

With each injection, it stimulates an inflammation response that works to heal. Depending on your specific case and the neck pain you are experiencing, you may also be able to benefit from changes in your diet, supplemental therapies such as acupressure and massage therapy.

If you are looking for prolotherapy for neck pain in Oceanside, call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to set up your initial consultation. Dr. Joseph Dubroff is always going to be able to work with you to put together a fully customized plan for treatment that will leave you on a natural path to feeling your best.