Sacroiliac and Hip Pain Treatment

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All too often, an individual who suffers from hip or sacroiliac pain will begin to believe that their only means of pain relief is through a surgical procedure. However, there’s no reason to resort to a costly, invasive surgery to get the sacroiliac and hip pain treatment that you need, especially when Holistic Solutions has the natural, safe and effective answer to pain.

Sacroiliac and hip pain can actually be treated without even having to resort to invasive surgeries.

At Holistic Solutions, Dr. Dubroff works with every client, of all different pain levels, to implement one of our great pain management solutions, prolotherapy or craniosacral therapy. Depending on the source of pain for the individual, sessions of either therapy are quick, affordable and much safer than surgery and long-term use of pain medication.

Prolotherapy is a simple series of needles that are used to help stimulate the connective tissues throughout the body. These needles are not dangerous and cause minimal discomfort, but they provide a long-term solution to pain within the hip region of the body.

CranioSacral therapy is completed by a trained therapist who uses specialized light massaging of the cranium to help target pain that exists throughout the body. Using light touches, many individuals who are fearful of needles will use these sessions to help rid their body of pain and discomfort of the hip region of the body.

For naturopathic sacroiliac and hip pain treatment, you need to call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305. We can help you to get rid of your pain for good with one of our proven, natural and always safe pain management methods.

“Joseph Dubroff is a super friendly, knowledgable professional whose expertise with prolotherapy has helped my girlfriend get back on her feet, literally. This is a great treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal issues. Thanks Joseph!”

—John Albert