Healing Diabetes Treatment In Mission Beach

Diabetes Treatment In Mission BeachIf you or someone that you love is dealing with a diabetes diagnosis, yet you are not all that into traditional medicine, heavy medications and invasive therapies, it may be best that you are able to take the natural approach. Holistic Solutions is your answer to natural diabetes treatment in Mission Beach, including a variety of options that you may never have thought of before.

Did you know that there are a wide range of herbals and supplements that you can integrate into your day to day life that will help you to treat diabetes?

When used with your regular routine, certain supplements can be very helpful with managing a variety of symptoms. The supplements, however, should never replace the standard treatment for diabetes as set forth by your general practitioner. You should know that doing so could put your health at risk. This is why it is always suggested that you work closely with a professional naturopath to help you with a seamless integration of both therapies. Of course, speak with your general practitioner as well when you decide that you would like to bring in supplements and all natural treatments.

Holistic Solutions wants you to know that you can also work on a healthy path that includes a proper diet, a good amount of physical activity and working to make sure that your blood sugar levels are on point. The introduction of alternative treatments here, including supplements, can work to further reduce resistance to insulin and help to control your levels while preventing many of the complications that are related to diabetes.

Supplements known to help with diabetes treatment:

Cinnamon – Both the whole form of cinnamon, as well as the extract, can help to lower your fasting blood glucose readings.

Chromium – This is a beneficial, essential trace element that can help with the metabolism of carbs.

Vitamin B1 – Also known as thamine, this is a vitamin that some people with diabetes will be lacking, which can lead to complications. Adding thiamine to your regular routine can help to get it into the cells where it is needed most.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – This is a potent antioxidant that is great for helping to cut back on oxidative stress, decreasing the amount of insulin resistance and cutting back on oxidative stress.

Green Tea – Another antioxidant, green tea can help to prevent type 2 diabetes, improve upon glucose control, promote better insulin activity and even lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Bitter Melon – This is an ingredient that has been widely used in Asia and South America for the treatment of many conditions that are diabetes related.

Magnesium – An essential nutrient, magnesium can help to regulate your blood pressure and helps to balance insulin sensitivity. By the same token, a diet that is high in magnesium can actually reduce the risk of the development of diabetes.

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