Holistic Medicine & Treatment In San Diego

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Alheizmers Treatment In San Diego

For immediate and professional Alzheimer’s treatment in San Diego, talk to Dr.Dubroff at Holistic Solutions.

Arrhythmia Treatment In San Diego

For some people, heart arrhythmia can be harmless and might require little or no treatment at all. Then there are other people who may have a more serious situation where their arrhythmia can be life-threatening.

Autism Treatment In San Diego

Holistic Solutions provides natural options for autism treatment in San Diego. Contact us to learn more about the services that are available.

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment In San Diego

When looking for the most comprehensive and complete care in bioidentical hormone treatment in San Diego, Holistic Solutions is only a phone call away.

Bladder Infection Control In San Diego

Working with Dr. Joe Dubroff will give you all of the information on bladder infections and how you can go about all natural bladder infection control in San Diego.

Cardiology Treatment In San Diego

If heart health is an issue or it is at risk of becoming an issue, Call Holistic Solutions and set up an appointment for the best in natural methods of Cardiology in San Diego.

Cholesterol Treatment In San Diego

There are a lot of people today who are looking for all natural options when it comes to cholesterol treatment in San Diego. With all of the different prescription medications that are available today along with over the counter supplements geared towards lowering cholesterol, it can be difficult to determine what to take.

Classical Homeopathy Treatment In San Diego

At Holistic Solutions, we offer a classical homeopathy treatment in San Diego as is in line with our philosophy that in order to treat symptoms, it is first necessary to treat any underlying causes.

Constipation Relief In San Diego

There are a lot of people who are dealing with digestive issues, including uncomfortable constipation. When you want to get decent constipation relief in San Diego, all you have to do is look at the various treatment methods that are available at Holistic Solutions.

Diabetes Treatment In San Diego

For more information about diabetes treatment in San Diego, contact Holistic Solutions to schedule an evaluation or to simply ask questions about the services that are offered.

Digestive & Gastroenterology Treatment In San Diego

At Holistic Solutions, we offer an alternative digestive and gastroenterology treatment in San Diego by treating the underlying issue rather than the symptoms.

Fatigue Treatment In San Diego

Too many people suffer from fatigue in San Diego. It is a problem that could have various different causes, and can also be a result of other more severe issues.

Fibroid Treatment In San Diego

If you have been told you have fibroids, and you’re looking for fibroid treatment in San Diego, there needs to be a multi-faceted approach that will eliminate the cause of the fibroid tumors as well as a way of shrinking those that are already in existence.

Food Allergy Testing In San Diego

The majority of the immune system is based on the digestive tract. This helps explain why so many allergic reactions are caused by food. For professional Food Allergy Testing in San Diego, contact Holistic Solutions.

Food Allergy Testing, ALCAT Test, Genova Test, SpectraCell Vitamin Deficiency Test In San Diego

Holistic Solutions offers a wide range of medical tests, including food allergy testing, ALCAT test, Genova test, SpectraCell Vitamin Deficiency Test in San Diego.

Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Treatment In San Diego

Holistic Solutions provides holistic hypothyroidism and thyroid treatments in San Diego with a holistic approach that takes into consideration the entire body, not just the thyroid, to recreate the balance needed to maintain proper thyroid health.

Hormone Treatment In San Diego

Call us to make an appointment with Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions and begin the assessments and the road back to a wonderful life with the most affordable and effective hormone treatment in San Diego.

HGH Injection & Treatment In San Diego

We are proud to be able to provide this service to our hundreds of clients with our effective HGH injection and treatment in San Diego.

Insomnia Treatment In San Diego

It is not all that uncommon for someone to deal with insomnia at one time or another in their life. If you are looking for a natural insomnia treatment in San Diego, you should know that Holistic Solutions offers a wide variety of homeopathic therapies.

IV Therapy Treatment In San Diego

In recent years, IV Therapy in San Diego has become a very popular choice for locals due to its effectiveness.

Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego

At Holistic Solutions, we believe that the best approach to take is always the natural approach, and offer effective Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego.

Lyme Disease Treatment In San Diego

If you are dealing with this condition, it will be in your best interest to look for your options in natural Lyme disease treatment in San Diego.

Menopause Treatment In San Diego

Many women seek out help for a more natural menopause treatment in San Diego after experiencing discomfort associated with Menopause.

Memory and Cognition Treatment In San Diego

Our holistic memory and cognition treatment in San Diego is well suited to fighting a loss of mental ability as cognitive problems are so frequently linked to lifestyle and dietary choices, which can be easily improved with the help of our specialists.

Menstrual Irregularity Treatment In San Diego

If you are a woman dealing with menstrual irregularity, there could be a number of symptoms that you are dealing with. You may be experiencing sudden bleeding that can go on for more than a week, or you may even be missing your periods for a month or longer.

Metabolic Syndrome Treatment In San Diego

For facts and information about metabolic syndrome treatment in San Diego offered by Holistic Solutions, call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

NAD Therapy In San Diego

Contact Holistic Solutions today to discover how NAD Therapy & IV Injections in San Diego & Orange County can transform your health and well-being.

Naturopathic Medicine In San Diego

Naturopathic medicine in San Diego utilizes a combination of Western and Eastern thought in regard to health, wellness, and healing.

Naturopathy In San Diego

Naturopathy in San Diego, offered by Dr. Durbroff at Holistic Solutions, provides patients and alternative to traditional medicine methods of healing.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation In San Diego

What is working for your co-worker isn’t working for you and you don’t know where to turn for guidance.  We at Holistic Solutions are here to help and offer nutrition and lifestyle consultation in San Diego.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment In San Diego

Over the years our services achieved consistently positive results through our osteopathic manipulation in San Diego, especially when used in conjunction with other holistic treatments.

Pain Management Treatment In San Diego

Pain management treatment in San Diego is an option available to help bring relief from suffering for people who are living with the throes of chronic pain.

Prolotherapy In San Diego

If traditional types of treatment have been unsuccessful in the past, a treatment to consider is prolotherapy in San Diego offered by Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions.

Prolotherapy for Neck Pain In San Diego

For those individuals who suffer from persistent, debilitating neck pain, getting through the day without pain medication is often very difficult. For most, the thought of surgery, although risky, may sound like the only answer to their struggle.

Prolotherapy for Headaches In San Diego

Touted as a safe, natural and effective treatment for all types of pain, more and more individuals are finding that they can overcome their constant headache using this needle treatment.

Prolotherapy for Ankle Pain In San Diego

If you are searching for a natural and safe means to overcome your ankle pain, then perhaps prolotherapy for ankle pain in San Diego is the answer. Contact our offices.

Prolotherapy for Deltoid Injuries In San Diego

Call Holistic Solutions today to learn about how safe prolotherapy for deltoid injuries in San Diego truly is, and how it can help to reduce your pain!

Prolotherapy For Plantar Fasciitis In San Diego

If you have been dealing with heel pain in one or both of your feet, you may actually be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is a condition that can involve tightness, swelling, and pain around the area of your heel that can then radiate up through your ankle and calf.

Sacroiliac and Hip Pain Treatment In San Diego

Sacroiliac and hip pain can actually be treated without even having to resort to invasive surgeries.

Sinusitis Relief In San Diego

If you are looking to get some sinusitis relief in San Diego, you should know that you have more options available to you than the way of conventional medicine.

Vitamin Injections In San Diego

Vitamin injections in San Diego are used for a variety of reasons, mostly to allow the patient to feel more healthy and energized.

Vitamin B12 Injections In San Diego

Vitamin B12 injections in San Diego may be what is needed to help in regards to weight loss and help with overall health.

Weight Loss, Semorelin In San Diego

Holistic Solutions offers  Weight loss, Sermorelin in San Diego and can advise of the proper use for interested patients.

Brain Injury Treatment In San Diego

Instead of turning to invasive treatments or heavy medications for relief, more patients are looking for natural healing options for brain injury treatment in San Diego with help from Holistic Solutions.

Parkinson’s Disease In San Diego

Today, there are holistic therapies for Parkinson’s disease in San Diego that are actually designed to help you so that you can live a much longer and healthier lifestyle.

Chronic Prostatitis Treatment In San Diego

Prostatitis can be a difficult medical condition that impacts a man’s prostate, which is a small gland that is part of the reproductive system. People who suffer from this condition will often have pain during urination, frequent urination during the evening, and penile or testicular pain.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs And Cures In San Diego

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is a condition that impacts millions of men all across the United States? Out of the men who have ED, there are roughly half that are over the age of 75.

Athletic Performance Enhancing Drugs, Supplements And Products In San Diego

Athletes everywhere have been known to go to great lengths just so that they can come out on top in their sport of choice. The athletic world is very competitive and the thrill of winning just as addictive than just about any drug.

Contrave Weight Loss In San Diego

You may have heard some of the buzz surrounding Contrave, which is a prescription weight loss drug that has gained approval from the FDA. What makes Contrave unique is that it has been approved for people who are overweight and have specific risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure to take into consideration.

PT141 The New Libido Sexual Enhancement Response Peptide In San Diego

The cool thing about PT141 is that it not only helps both men and women to get a much-needed boost in sexual performance and mood-related response, but many patients also enjoy a notable rise in energy. This is healthy, natural energy that you can enjoy on a regular basis without having to consume drinks or pills for energy that could be harmful over the long run.

PT141 vs Viagra Libido Enhancement In San Diego

Where Viagra can come with a long list of potentially dangerous side effects, PT141 may only bring on nausea that can be fixed by simply adjusting the dosage. On the other hand, you may deal with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, high blood pressure, headaches, and much more if you are putting Viagra into your body.

PT141 The Alternative Viagra Booster In San Diego

PT141 is a viable solution for anyone who is not wanting to turn to synthetic drugs as a way to increase sexual performance. While drugs like Viagra or Cialis may present with decent results, there are too many side effects that could be potentially harmful to your health.